A page dedicated to Hoyas. The largest offer in our webshop will have its own category. This will be expanded in the future with information such as care tips. At the bottom you will find the webshop with all the rooted Hoya cuttings. We will be introducing a lot of new varieties in the coming weeks.

All Hoyas are rooted in spaghnum moss. 

This gives the cutting the best chance for shipping. Also the transition to a different kind of soil, seramis, hydroponic, or whatever suits you best. works best from spagnum.

It is also possible to leave it on spaghnum. Many Hoyas from our collection grow entirely on spagnum.

The rarity of the Hoya determines the size of the cutting. The dimensions below give an indication of the size. Also look at the image, it gives a good indication of the size. It is not exactly the same plant you will get as in the picture


S = Small rooted cutting 1 node (one / two leafes)
M = Medium rooted cutting 1/2 nodes (two / three leafes) usually with new growing point / vine
L = Large rooted cutting. very well rooted cutting with multiple leaves / growing points

If you need to select a number (Nr. 1, Nr. 2, Nr. 3 etc. In this case you will receive exactly the same cutting as shown in the picture.

If it is not possible to select a cutting, it is unfortunately out of stock. I am trying to fix this bug. sorry for the inconvenience.