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Hoya pubicalyx 'Pink Dragon'

 Easy Hoya's

The Hoyas in this category thrive under normal living room conditions. If you are new to Hoya's or if you are looking for low-maintenance plants, this is the place to be.


Average Hoya's

The average Hoya's will perform best in plenty of light and high humidity. But can also do with less. However, they will grow less quickly.


Difficult Hoya's

The heavily tropical species require special growing conditions in a greenhouse. High humidity, many hours of light, and heat. 

Hoyas come in all shapes and sizes. All have their own unique properties. This sometimes makes it difficult to determine whether the plant is suitable for the growing conditions that you can offer them. Due to our ever expanding collection, we have decided to divide the Hoya's into 3 categories from easy to difficult.

The classification is based on our own experiences . It is intended as a guideline, but it is not a fixed fact. Every environment is different which can have major effects on the plant. The easier varieties will be less sensitive to this.
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