Due to the very high demand, we are unfortunately no longer able to grow a sufficient stock of rooted cuttings. Since the unrooted cuttings are also received and propagated with great success. We have decided to root only the more rare/difficult Hoya's. And the Hoyas that can easily be rooted themselves are only for sale unrooted.

This way a lot of growing space becomes available that we can use for the unique species.

There will be a separate page with propagation tips and tricks that we have experimented with. But that will take some more time. 

New will be accession numbers, because we are going to offer more unrooted Hoya cuttings, this gives us the opportunity to present a much larger range. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to identify Hoyas correctly. To avoid descriptions like long leaves, splashy leaves, red leaves etc. We will only number Hoyas of which we have several distinguishable species in the collection and are NOT named yet!