Welcome to the House of the Hoyas. We love Hoya's and relatives. And we see that you do too.

We have therefore decided to specialize in the Apocynaceae family. In this way we can expand and improve our collection. This is the best way to improve our product.

Because our preference has been focused on the Hoyas for a long time, we have been able to build a unique collection of several hundred types.

We have now said goodbye to a lot of other plants to be able to fully focus on Hoyas. And to a small extent on related plants such as the Dischidias. For the time being we will still be selling the unrooted Epiphyllum cuttings as long as there is interest.

We will further expand our offer with products that are useful in the care and cultivation of Hoyas.

Our webshop will be adjusted in the near future. We look forward to seeing you with our renewed offer.


Lechuza Pon

Until recently we had no experience with this great product. Specially developed for hydroponics. And plant nutrients for 6 months. Your Hoya will never get too much or too little water again in a self-watering pot. All they need is enough light and a little love.


Hoya Silver Jewellery

Each flower is 100% Unique.