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Plant & Interieur planten stekjes kopen


06/04/2024 Save the date


Come visit "Kom in de Kas" on Saturday, April 6, 2024'

10:00 / 17:00


the largest dutch public event in the greenhouse horticulture sector. Experience the magic of greenhouse horticulture. Where the doors are normally closed, they are now open for you!

Premiere, we are participating for the first time!  


Our special and most extraordinary collection of Hoyas grows under tropical conditions in the greenhouses of Elstgeest potplanten B.V.  It is warm there, at least 30 degrees Celsius!

The very high humidity causes the most spectacular aerial roots to form. And there are always flowers to be spotted among the 200 different Hoya species. There is the possibility to buy cuttings, as well as a limited and select stock of rooted plants.
Admission is free. 

In addition to the Hoyas, there is much more to see and do! Elstgeest potplanten B.V. specializes in the cultivation of Dieffenbachias and various types of hanging plants in their 'Hang on Green' line. Learn everything about the professional cultivation of tropical indoor plants.


Hoya's, with their vibrant leaves and charming flowers, are a sight to behold. But what sets them apart from most houseplants is their unique lifestyle. These botanical adventurers are epiphytes, meaning they cling to tree branches high above the forest floor. Unlike parasitic plants, Hoya's don't harm their hosts. Instead, they use their aerial roots to absorb nutrients and moisture from the air. This incredible adaptation allows them to thrive in the humid embrace of rainforests, where sunlight filters through the canopy and water vapor hangs heavy in the air. Bringing a Hoya into your home doesn't mean recreating a rainforest. In fact, these adaptable plants can thrive in a glass jar. The enclosed environment mimics the humidity they love, and with a little sunlight, they'll be right at home. Here's the best part: Hoya's in a jar require minimal watering. The closed terrarium creates a self-sustaining ecosystem where moisture is recycled. Just add a splash of water every few months, and watch your Hoya flourish with little effort. So, if you're looking for a low-maintenance plant that adds a touch of elegance to your home, consider a Hoya in a jar. With its captivating beauty and easy-going nature, this epiphytic wonder is sure to bring joy to any plant lover.

I am an Epiphyte!

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