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Big News!



Hoya lovers, a big thank you for all the support in the last years. Without I wouldn't be able to grow as a business. Many changes have taken place in the last years to improve our products and expand the collection. And again big changes are planned for the future.

Therefore the webshop and way of selling beautiful Hoya's is going to change again completely!

A co-operation has been started with a big professional Dutch plant nursery.

At first I'm going to focus on growing humongous healthy mother plants there. And then when full-grown.

The sale of cheaper fresh and healthy big unrooted cuttings starts straight out of the nursery. 

Some grow fast, others are very slow. Therefore It will take some some to get everything ready. 

In the meantime, the webshop stays open to stell excess stock. Orders are shipped out once every week.

New is the category Pre order, because the nursery is not close to my home, I have to plan a lot more to get these beauty's out, shipped to your house. The first batch is going to be shipped April 17th 2023! 

This is for all orders on the hanging pots done before 14-04-2023 in the categorie Pre order.

It is not possible to combine this shipment with separate (unrooted) cuttings.

In that case 2 shipments have to take place. 

Not only the flower or a few leaves. But pictures of full big plants. Most of the Hoya's in my collection once started as small tiny cuttings. Many failed attempts later some of them became really beautiful lush plants. 

''My Hoya Collection'' is going to be a new product page where I'm going to sell unrooted cuttings from plants I grow at my home. So the webshop can stay open while the plants in the nursery are growing bigger and bigger.

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